RAYNET is the title used by organised groups of Amateur Radio Operators who wish to utilise their hobby for the benefit of the community by providing emergency communications under disaster situations, and to practice in anticipation of such an event. Such practice is obtained by providing communications for events such as car rallies, equestrian events, marathons etc.
Raynet groups are autonomous but are co-ordinated nationally by RAYNET-UK.

Under the terms of the Amateur Radio Licence, Amateur Radio Operators are permitted to provide emergency communications either during exercises or during emergencies for specified User Services. These User Services are specified in the Licence as being:
. British Red Cross
. St John's Ambulance Brigade
. St Andrews Ambulance Association
. The Women’s Royal Voluntary Service
. The Salvation Army
. Any Government Departments
. Any “Category 1” responder
. Any “Category 2” responder as defined in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004
Recently the rules have been relaxed to allow us to provide communications for certain events without a request from a User Service.

Grampian Raynet Group is affiliated to Radio Society of Great Britain and part of RAYNET-UK.

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